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Windows 2000 Secrets and Tips by Zac

Zac is one-half of the team that brings the Village to you.
He has become the county's Windows 2000 resident guru, and will be sharing some of his hard-earned knowledge with us all.

His column is updated every weekday, or thereabouts, so check back often for new secrets and tips.

Hard Drive Failure

Almost every personal computer has a hard drive.

This device is a mechanical/electronic data storage device that houses the non-ROM data for your computer.

  • So what happens if your hard drive crashes?

  • What is a hard drive crash?

  • Can you limit the damage?
  • Inside your hard drive is a tiny read/write head that floats just above the drive.

    Jolts, normal usage, and other events can eventually cause your hard drive's head to touch the drive, causing failure.

    The saying is

    "It's not IF your hard drive will fail, it's WHEN."
    You can limit your damage by backing up your data frequently to tape, CD, ZIP, or other media.

    You can also back up to another hard drive.

    If you value your data, set up a backup routine for yourself today!

    Also, if you transfer one hard drive to another computer, let the old hard drive become a non-essential drive, so that if the older drive crashes, your loss is limited.

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    Do you have some Windows 2000 tips or secrets to share or have a question?

    You can Write to Zac!.

    Include your first initial and last name and put the word WIN2000 in the subject.

    I'll try to use your contribution in a future column.

    (Please note that these columns are written several weeks in advance so publishing it will be delayed accordingly.)

    A NEW Windows with all its tweaks.

    Ain't if FUN!!!!!!

    There's also some secrets and tips for Windows 98 and Windows 95.


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