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A Guide to Your Well Being with Linda

Linda - our New England immigrant - knows how to create an oasis in the midst of life's storms.

Her column is updated every weekday or thereabouts, so check back often for new secrets and tips.

Don't Let That Burn Become A Scar

I once got several small but ugly burns on my face from being splashed with hot soup.

I rinsed the burns off thoroughly with cold water immediately afterward, but I could tell that they might scar.

My mother told me to put either vitamin E oil, honey, or aloe vera straight from the plant on the burn spots.

I had pure aloe vera gel, so I decided to use that.

I applied it several times a day over the burns, then put a little honey on the burns before going to bed.

Today there is no evidence that my face was ever burned, so I highly recommend aloe vera as a treatment for any accidental burns.

Do you have Well Being ideas or secrets to share or have a question?

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Linda, Red and Pup

Here's to a beautiful, peaceful time in your life.


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