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A Guide to Your Well Being with Linda

Linda - our New England immigrant - knows how to create an oasis in the midst of life's storms.

Her column is updated every weekday or thereabouts, so check back often for new secrets and tips.


Yarrow is a hardy perennial often found growing wild along roadsides.

It has feathery leaves and bunched heads of white or pinkish flowers.

You can easily pull up yarrow and replant it elsewhere with few problems, although you should be aware that it spreads easily and rapidly.

Yarrow leaves have been used to stop bleeding.

The dried stem, flowers, and leaves can be mixed with elderflower and peppermint to be taken as an infusion at the first sign of a cold.

A cooled infusion of leaves can be used as a cosmetic wash for oily skin.

Yarrow can also help garden rubbish decompose if it's mixed in with the waste.

Do you have Well Being ideas or secrets to share or have a question?

You can Write to Linda!.

Include your first initial and last name and put the words WELL BEING in the subject.

I'll try to use your contribution in a future column.

(Please note that these columns are written several weeks in advance so publishing it will be delayed accordingly.)

Linda, Red and Pup

Here's to a beautiful, peaceful time in your life.


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