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Daily Trivia

Question: Why does getting into trouble leave us in "hot water"?

Take your time.


And, The Answer Is:

The Answer:

For many of us the place where food is prepared is a source of nurturing and pleasure.

But linguistically, the kitchen is a heated battleground full of stress and strife.

For example, if your goose is cooked and you are out of the frying pan and into the fire, you may end up boiling mad.

However anyone who tells you that the phrase "in hot water" originates in the kitchen is half-baked.

It's about a test, not a taste; it involves an ordeal, not a meal.

The phrase has to do with determining if someone is telling the truth.

In the Middle Ages they often did it by sticking people's hands in hot water.

Liars developed blisters.

How's that for a lie detector?

You can bet that the prospect of undergoing this ordeal by hot water made people feel that they were in trouble -- big time!

(Source: FORGOTTEN ENGLISH by Jeffrey Kacirk)

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