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Question: How were hush puppies named?

Take your time.


And, The Answer Is:

The Answer:

For those not versed in the culture of the Great American South, hush puppies are fried, puffed up cornmeal batter, often served with fried fish, a regional treat that may not survive the onslaught of national fast food chains.

In the most popular etymological explanation, the connection of the dish to clamorous canines is direct.

It’s said that hunters would silence the howling of their hounds by feeding them this food.

That’s the polite version, now you’re going to hear it down and dirty.

This version acknowledges a central theme in much of post-Civil War Southern history: poverty.

Poor people often have to fill their gut from the bottom of the barrel.

In this region, some people ate salamanders (never mind “yech,” they certainly were cheap).

The reptiles were known as “water dogs.”

Nobody wanted it known that they were reduced to this level.

Hence the “hush.”


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