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Daily Trivia

Question: Why do people in the military always salute each other when they meet?

Take your time.


And, The Answer Is:

The Answer:

They can't be shielding their eyes from the sun, the better to see each other, because they salute indoors and after dark, as well.

Nor can it be some form of elbow aerobics, because a mere one repetition would have little value.

In fact, it's based on tradition.

The handshake upon meeting came from the custom of showing the other person that you carried no concealed weapon.

The salute originated with the medieval knight, who pulled up his visor to reveal his face and show he was a friend.

It evolved into a widespread custom of nodding or tipping one's hat as a greeting, and in the military became the more formal salute.

Servicemen and women learn to put snap into their salute.

But don't overdo it if you join up.

You lose face if you knock yourself unconscious in front of an officer.

(Source: EVER WONDER WHY? by Douglas B. Smith)

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