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Pet Poop, by Dr. Dave

This article is prepared by Appalachain Spring Mall's very own "resident" veterinarian, Dr. Dave. For a whole lot more FREE information, check out his site at: All Creatures Virtual Veterinary Clinic

His column is updated every day or thereabouts, so check back to see what on Dr. Dave's mind today.

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Giving Your Cat A Pill

Some people dread the idea of giving a cat a pill so much that they will drive to the vet's on a daily basis.

The thought of sticking your finger into a mouth full of sharp teeth can certainly be intimidating.

After you've done it once, however, it isn't that bad.

To pill your cat,

  • Hold the top of her head with one hand and gently bend it backwards until her mouth opens.

  • With your free hand drop the pill into the back of her mouth and poke it quickly down her throat with your index finger.

  • If you're uncertain about your finger's safety, use a pilling device available from your vet and most pet stores.

  • With her head still tilted backwards, gently stroke her throat to encourage swallowing.

  • Canids

    Dogs belong to the family of animals known as Canids.

    Worldwide, there are about 35 species of Canids.

    Among the Canids, the Fennec Fox is the smallest and the Timber Wolf is the largest.

    Wolves are different than our pet dogs and should not be kept as pets.

    Our domesticated dogs are known as Canis familiaris.

    Dogs have been domesticated since prehistoric times.

    As is now, then they were used to aid in protection and hunting, as well as for companions.

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