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I need a Site and would like more information about why the Village is my best choice.

I already have a Site and would like more information about placing my site on the Village.

We all know that the Internet is the marketplace of today and the future. Going online and establishing a commercial presence on the Internet is not a trivial matter. Everyone knows that today's entrepreneurs (that's US - small business) are flocking to the Internet. Yet finding the right situation on the Internet is tricky.

  • Where do you go?
  • How do you set up your web site?
  • What should you sell?
  • How do you sell it?
  • You probably know that you can actually set up your web site to sell products and that your Clients can pay for those products online with their credit cards. But, how do you do that? A lot of people ask: "Is there anyone out there who can help me?"

    The answer is Yes, We Can !!

    If you're a small business like ours, we KNOW you'd like to see the income from a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, virtual store, carrying no more inventory or employees than you currently have. Like us, you may not be able to spend thousands of dollars to get a professional site going. Well, do we have GREAT NEWS for you !!!

    With our affiliation with we can help you. offers Commercial Web Sites.

    These web sites are fully customizable and can get you up and running in a hurry.
    You spend 100% of your time getting your site "just so" and zero time on HTML, CGI or any of that mess !!!!

    You can sell products, ideas, services - anything you can think of.

    You can even put a personal site up for your own art, poems, stories, etc., for visitors to enjoy.

    Or, combine the two, one with the other.

    We can help you with your web design or even design your website for you at an extremely competitive price.

    Further, we can help you get set up with your own merchant account (A merchant account lets you accept credit cards and checks online.). Our own store in the Village, Your Grandmother's Attic was built using this technology, so you can see how well it works.

    For More Information , including an Online Demo, that will help you understand more about the Internet in general and about in particular, please take a moment and flip through the Web Sites e-brochure.

    Appalachian Spring Village Philosophy:

    Commerce on the Internet is still in its infancy. A successful marketing effort on the Internet encompasses the whole of the Internet. A virtual storefront in the Appalachian Spring Village is a critical part of a well-rounded cohesive marketing effort.

    Merchants who understand how to use the entirety of the Internet, combining good and tested marketing principles and a Web presence designed for commerce, will be the merchants who participate in the explosion of commerce in the brave new world of electronic media, today and tomorrow!

    There is a lot more to marketing on the Internet than simply throwing up an home page. If it were as easy as that, we would all be retired wouldn’t we?

    Successful marketing on Internet has to be a well-rounded, cohesive marketing effort.

    Otherwise, you’re fishin’ with no bait.

    Appalachian Spring Village makes sure that every merchant has access to the necessary marketing information.

    Appalachian Spring Village is not a place for "tombstone" home pages...
    Appalachian Spring Village is about MARKETING your products or services....

    Think about it.

    Appalachian Spring Village provides you with......

  • A fully functional virtual storefront for shoppers all throughout North America, and around the World. Appalachian Spring Village is dedicated to maximizing the potential of the World Wide Web and the Internet for exhibiting your products or services.
  • Nation-wide internet access.
  • TWO e-mail accounts (One for your business, the other for you).
  • Secure on-line transactions (handled through US Merchants for their additional fee).
  • Online EZStoreMaker for quick creation of your e-commerce web site.
    We provide at no cost to you, an EZStoreMaker. This is an online store wizard to build an online web site for e-commerce. We will set up the shell with your store's name. By filling in the fields the EZStoreMaker requests, your site will construct itself for the first seven pages, after that you can build your product pages by typing in text and uploading pictures and graphics.

    It's just like using a word processor - you don't have to know any HTML, CGI scripts - NONE of that mess. All you do is type in what you want to say, the way you want to say it. Then point to up to two pictures per product or service and click the "Add Listing" button, and you're done!!!!!

    And to help you get started, we provide a users guide which can be downloaded easily to your computer and printed should any questions arise.

    We will also give you our own "cook book", taking you step-by-step through directing EZStoreMaker to set up your site (in down-home English, NOT techno-babble).

  • UNLIMITED number of product and/or service pages and your own access to them, so that you can change them, add to them, or delete them any time you want to, as many times as you want (Many commercial website companies charge you a fee from $10 to $25 for EACH alteration - but it's FREE using EZStoreMaker in Appalachian Spring Village).
  • Complete and total control over your store's content, as long as it is legal, moral and ethical.
  • Your Product Pages Provided to Search Engines
    Every product page created at the Appalachian Spring Village is available to the search engines to be listed in any search made on the Internet. Your product page can be clicked on by the visitor for viewing without having to go through the main page of the site. This gives you greater opportunity for hits to any site on the Appalachian Spring Village.

    More hits = MORE SALES!

  • Your Order Form Automatically Created
    As product pages are built, the EZStoreMaker automatically creates an order form. The order form calculates the total amount of the purchases being made, then adds tax, shipping and handling for you, so that you don't have to.
  • Free Hyperlink to From Order page to Merchant Account Company (U S Merchants)
    Once your e-store is completed, we can link the order page to the U S Merchants (an internet merchant account company), so transactions can be made online. The hyperlink is provided free of charge.
  • FREE 1/2 hour telephone "coaching" session on getting your e-store up and running quickly.
  • Membership in the Appalachian Spring Village Merchants Association
  • Banner-Link advertising, and other types of Internet exposure and promotion services.
    The Village is currently being advertised on National Public Radio stations, with our spots being placed around the most popular shows.
  • The most complete and thorough Internet marketing training and consulting in the industry.
  • As we mentioned earlier, we can even design your website for you at an extremely competitive price.

    Benefits of the Appalachian Spring Village......

    Merchants enjoy a variety of benefits by using a Appalachian Spring Village storefront as the hub of their Internet marketing effort. These include:
  • Visitors are entertained and informed when they visit Appalachian Spring Village.
    So what? So THEY COME BACK!!!!
    There is the Central Court area where tips and advice on everything from pets to recipes to computer tips - all of which are updated (almost) every weekday to KEEP VISITORS COMING BACK for more.
    There's the book store, where visitors can read full, unabridged books.
    There's the Cherokee Nation site, the Moonlit Road site, the Fall in the Appalachians picture tour, all designed to KEEP VISITORS COMING BACK.
  • Interactive On-line ordering - Every storefront is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year taking orders with our custom ordering engine. On-line ordering makes it easy for your customers to buy from you anytime day or night.
  • SSL Security - Each and every storefront comes with security built in! Shoppers feel comfortable in placing orders on line.
  • Vast Infrastructure - Appalachian Spring Village has invested heavily in supporting Internet shopping traffic for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s. Appalachian Spring Village can support gigantic numbers of simultaneous visits to the Village and to your site!
  • Increased Exposure - Appalachian Spring Village is proud to be one of the fastest growing malls on the Internet. Merchants enjoy being able to take advantage of repeat shoppers and spill-over traffic.
  • Customer Service - Appalachian Spring Village is proud to offer the best merchant support in the industry! We are at your service! Each merchant has our toll-free number and access to us.
  • and most important of all...

  • Marketing Savvy -
    At the risk of repeating ourselves -
    There is a lot more to marketing on the Internet than simply throwing up an home page.
    Appalachian Spring Village makes sure that every merchant has access to the necessary marketing information. Merchants receive not only monthly information, but also any breaking information that can help their efforts.

    In fact, with your Pre-paid Year Contract, you'll get an additional FREE 1/2 hour telephone Professional Coaching session on maximizing your site's potential. This session will be conducted by Mr. Maikel Bailey, a prominent professional internet coach.

    Appalachian Spring Village is not a place for "tombstone" home pages... Appalachian Spring Village is about MARKETING your products or services....

    Think about it.

  • The Costs......

    Month to month with no ongoing contract: $99.95/month, plus $100 setup (Compare with other e-malls charging from $225 to $1,000 - and more!)
    One year contract: $89.95/month, plus $100 setup
    Pre-paid one year contract: $79.95/month, with FREE setup (total $959.40).

    Compare the pre-paid fee for one year of $959.40 to Yahoo's fee for one year of $1,188.
    That's a difference of $228.60.

    With the FREE setup, that's over a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR SAVINGS FOR YOU!

    Charter Merchant Special

    For a limited time, you can have all this for six months for $300 (that's a measly $50 per month - Dirt Cheap), including the FREE setup.

    Mind you, U S Merchants (your internet merchant account that allows you to take payments online) requires a one year minimum agreement, so you need to consider that.

    With the FREE setup, that's over a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR SAVINGS FOR YOU!

    But, if you're willing to take a chance on us, we'll take a chance on you.

    In fact, we're so certain that once you try an e-store you'll never go back, we feel like we're taking no chance at all.

    At the end of the six month trial, you can convert to whichever plan you like and we'll help you set up your U S Merchants internet account (so you can take payments online) if you haven't already.

    Or, in the very unlikely event that you don't want to continue an e-store, you can walk away from the mall and owe nothing more to Appalachian Spring Village. We'll part as friends.

    Questions? Please feel free to e-mail me and I'll get right back to you.

    Or, take our Online Tour provided by Net-Bizz Internet Service Provider (ISP)and and see how much they do to support Appalachian Spring Village.

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