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Gardening with "Brother"

"Brother", aka Uncle Ernie, has been gardening "since I was old enough to thump melons".
Now in his 90's, he still can work longer and harder than most younger men.
He arises just before "can-see", and gardens and handy-man's all the way to "can't-see", with just a lunch break (and, as we've spyed, a couple of short cat-naps in his swing).

Click on this link if you're looking for a GREAT Garden and Orchard Pest and Disease Guide

His column is updated every day or thereabouts, so check back to see what's doing in his garden.

Brother Gardening circa 1935

About Those Latex Gloves

Last month, I published a one person's suggestion for protecting your hands while gardening -- wearing latex gloves.

However, several other people followed up with cautions and concerns about latex allergies.

Cathy S. described the problem:

"Just read the idea on wearing the medical latex gloves for gardening. Although this is a great idea, and I have done this for years, there is one problem. I am also a nurse and there is an epidemic of allergies to the latex gloves. More and more medical professionals are developing this allergy and to make it even worse, the allergy is cumulative. That is to say if you develop the allergy each time you come in contact with the latex the allergic reaction can/does become worse. Also some develop an allergy to the powder in the gloves. To make sure this doesn't happen, I purchase non-latex, non-powder gloves. Just slightly more expensive than the latex, but well worth the few bucks not to have an allergy."
Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention.

Pull yourself up a shovel blade and sit yourself down for a visit with "Brother" and his "Wise" Sayings.

If you're on the lookout for great gardening resources, check out

  • Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew.

    Published by Rodale Press, this book offers very helpful information on garden basics such as soil preparation, planting techniques, and controlling weeds -- but it's much more than a general gardening manual.

    Square Foot Gardening will introduce you to a system of designing gardens that are easy to maintain, that conserve resources, and that produce abundantly in less space.

  • Gardens Alive!

  • Do you have some gardening knowledge to share or have a question for "Brother"?

    You can Write to Brother!

    Include your first initial and last name and put the word GARDEN in the subject.

    I'll try to use your contribution in a future column.

    (Please note that these columns are written several weeks in advance so publishing it will be delayed accordingly.)

    See y'all tomorrow and remember:
    Nowhere else in the world are we closer to the Creator than in the garden. Well, at least we're closer to His creation.


    Brother Resting

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