Web Page Design Services

True web designing entails a great deal more than html. Whether you're interested in a personal home page or a commercial site that offers a service or product, you need to give a great deal less consideration to html and more consideration to what makes your page tick and who your audience is.

Your page should be appealing to the eye, it should give your visitors a reason to return, it should show your visitors something about you and your products in a manner that makes them interested, and doesn't make them feel as if they are reading the content label on a cereal box.

Let's face it, Coca-Cola doesn't spend a gazillion dollars a year on advertising because people want to read:
"Coca-cola: A refreshing carbonated cola beverage, sold in cans, bottles and liters."

Yes, Virginia, there is a reason for Santa Claus.

If you've got a product, a service, and information you want to share with the world wide web in a way that will get your website ideas noticed, this is the place to be. :)

  • * Competitive Pricing
  • $25 per e-store document page (you supply the key words and ideas you want expressed), and,
  • $5 per product page (you supply the product picture(s), text and price).
  • No hourly fees, no hidden costs, and NO superfluous pages.
    You will pay for as many pages as you need.
  • * Speedy Service Usually I can have a first draft of your website done in 2 or 3 days! There are over 10000 files in my personal archive of graphics so there is sure to be graphics that will fit with the theme and style of your pages.
    $25. covers *ALL* the foundation graphics needed to complete your site.
  • *Content Copyright - All html documents become your immediate copyright property to alter, change or update as you please.
  • *Additional Services - Zac and I will help guide you in acquiring those little extras that will make your website complete. From locating a counter and guestbook service to finding yourself a webhost, and transferring your files via ftp to your new webhome. I'll offer you any guidance I can to make your first webpage the only webpage you need.
  • Shop and Compare!: Before deciding to use my services, be sure to check out & compare prices. I have visited lots of web designer sites on the internet and have seen nothing to compare. I have seen many, many who charge $50-$75 per hour and upward and most who charge a fee in addition to that for graphic work. Those prices might be considered hysterical except I visited one that charges $495. for TWO document pages and TWO graphics! My fee for the same service would cost you $75. and includes as many graphics as make sense!

    If you're interested in my webdesign services please just e-mail me with Subject=WebDesign, and I will contact you as soon as possible.


    Please note: I do not create your topic for you. Before contacting me, please have a general, if not specific idea, about what you want your site to contain and what your topic will be. Inquiries regarding web design services for children must be submitted by their parent and/or guardian. Thanks!


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