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Cooking with "Boggie"

"Boggie" got her name from her baby sister, Betty Jean. When Betty tried to pronounce "Margaret", it came out "Boggie", and the name stuck. All of "Boggie"'s sisters and brothers, nephews and nieces call her that to this day.

Her column is updated every day or thereabouts, so check back to see what's doing in "Boggie"'s kitchen.

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First of all, there's an argument about the actual name of this Indian spice.

Some recipes spell it with an "m" at the end, and others with an "n."

But however it's spelled, they're all referring to the same spice -- an aromatic member of the ginger family, used not just in desserts and teas, but to flavor all sorts of spicy curry-type dishes.

In some areas of the world, it's even used medicinally!

But it certainly does not taste like medicine.

The subtlest and best flavor comes from the cardamom pod -- little green pistachio-like shapes that contain inside them the cardamom seed.

The shelled seeds are most often sold in bottles in grocery stores, but they begin to lose flavor the moment they leave the pods.

Don't be shy about using the pods and just leaving them whole in whatever dish you are preparing -- they even add color, and it certainly won't hurt your diners to bite into one.

There is also Black Cardamom from Africa, which has a richer, much smokier flavor but not much subtlety.

Use these pods only in dishes that can stand up to them (such as doro wat).

Now that you're all set to get to cooking, you can visit my sister Betty Jean's pages for some Traditional Recipes, or Vegetarian Recipes, or, my neice Leigh's Low Fat Recipes, or my own Baking Recipes.

AND, if you want to see how to grow all your own vegetables for the recipes and flowers for the table, visit Ernest's Gardening page. If you see Ernest, tell him supper will be ready soon and to get on back up here so he can get cleaned up.

Now remember to brush your teeth and say your prayers, and most important of all, remember:

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Boggie and Brother

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