Web Sites

With our affiliation with Net-Bizz.com we can help you setup and get a strong web presence quickly.

These web sites are fully customizable and can get you up and running in a hurry.

You spend 100% of your time getting your site "just so" and zero time on HTML, CGI or any of that mess !!!!

You can sell products, ideas, services - anything you can think of.

You can even put a personal site up for your own art, poems, stories, etc., for visitors to enjoy.

Or, combine the two, one with the other.

We can help you with your web design or even design your website for you at an extremely competitive price.

Further, we can help you get set up with your own merchant account (A merchant account lets you accept credit cards and checks online.).

We have an Online Demo that will help you understand more about the Internet in general and about Net-Bizz.com in particular. Please take a moment and flip through the Demo.

The web sites provided by Net-Bizz.com are commerce-enabled sites. These sites can contain as much or as little information as you like:

  • Include pictures and graphics.
  • Take orders on-line.
  • Take payments online, if you wish.
  • It's your web site, get creative and do whatever you want.

    And if you want multiple web sites (a good idea if you will be promoting several different products or services) we will be happy to provide you with as many web sites as you may require.

    In case you are wondering about the technical capablilities of Net-Bizz.com let me put your concerns to rest.The computer room uses state of the art technologies for optimum security, power, and protection against environmental dangers. The Net-Bizz.com server is updated on a constant basis to support the latest in Internet technology.

    A really terrific aspect of Net-Bizz.com is that they are also a national Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    So, no matter where you are in the USA, we can provide you with local dial-up to the Internet. It's fast, affordable and gives you access to all the benefits that the Internet has to offer.

    If you already have an ISP check out the benefits of switching to Net-Bizz.com.

    We can see that you get two e-mail addresses (even more if you like) and you may want to take advantage of our web-based e-mail. It's really terrific if you travel a lot and would like to access your e-mail from any computer in the world.

    Okay. So we have web sites and an ISP.

    That's the beginning. And a good one at that.

    But we have to take it to a higher level.

    That's where Internet Marketing comes in.

    When you have a web site, you are only one little speck in the universe of the Internet. If you expect people to find your minuscule corner of the sky you will most probably be mistaken.

    You need to let people know who you are, what you have to offer and where you are.

    That's why we have Internet Marketing.

    We'll show you how to get placed in the Search Engines.
    How to use Classified Ads to your advantage.
    We'll discuss Newsletters, Press Releases and more.

    The concept is to actively direct people into your web site. Not sit back and wait for them to show up.

    Here is how it works. We can provide you with several different marketing approaches. All are reasonably priced and very effective.

    Another option is to take advantage of the Professional Coaching sessions.
    With Professional Coaching by David Hammett (of Appalachian Spring Village), you have a very strong coaching option available to you.

    We will walk you through all kinds of possibilities.

    If you want to do your own advertising on the Internet, we will get you started in the right directions.

    We will teach you.
    Challenge you.
    Lead you.

    You'll be glad you took advantage of the Professional Coaching.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Jump in and get started.

    Let Appalachian Spring Village and Net-Bizz.com get you started.

    All the tools you will need are right here.
    Literally at your fingertips.
    Follow some of the links.
    Get informed.
    Get Going.

    All you have to do in order to go online is to contact us and we'll set you up. The initial lease and setup of the web site is very reasonable and the monthly hosting fees are much lower than you would expect.

    A special bonus is that you can include the Net-Bizz.com ISP (Internet Service Provider) as part of your monthly fee. It is inexpensive and will give you coverage all over the country, with TWO e-mail identies (One for your busniness and the other for you).

    So, whether you are looking for a one-page presence on the Net or a multi-page, fully commercial site - let us set you up with an Appalachian Spring Village and Net-Bizz.com home page that will meet your every need.

    To contact us just click here! if you have any questions about anything. We're here to help you.


    David Hammett and Zac Hammett ( See Who Are We? for more information about us.)

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