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Automotive Tips from Appalachian Spring Village

More Suggestions For Spring Tune-Ups

  • Steering, suspension, and drivetrain:

    Have the steering, suspension, and drivetrain checked for any wear or damage suffered during the winter months.

    Collisions with potholes, curbs, or unseen obstructions under the snow and ice can do damage to the components of these systems such as the CV joints, half shafts, ball joints, tie rods and ends, rack and pinion units, springs, shocks and struts, control arms and bushings.

    And remember, when these parts go bad, they are not an island unto themselves - they can cause additional wear to related parts!

  • Undercarriage:

    Thoroughly pressure-wash the undercarriage to clean off road salt.

    Salt lies dormant in body panels and the box areas of the car's frame.

    When moisture mixes with the salt it acts as a catalyst and oxidation (or what we know as rust) accelerates.

    Remember that it's the combination of salt with moisture that "eats" cars, not just salt or water by itself.

  • Interior and exterior:

    Next, it's a good idea to have the interior cleaned.

    Salt gets into the carpet pile and accelerates rot while oxidation (rust) eats the floorboards.

    So thoroughly wash the carpets and make sure you vacuum out all water.

    Finally, wash the exterior and have a good quality wax applied to the finish.

    This will protect the paint from the effects of UV rays and other phenomenon (such as militant birds that dare each other to write their name on your car's paint finish with their excrement).

    Note: Wash bird droppings off the car ASAP because it is highly acidic and will eat into the paint finish.

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