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Summer Maintenance Continued: "Toy Trailers"

My advice on summer maintenance wouldn't be complete without a comment on "Toy Trailers."

Let me share a personal experience with you.

While out for a Sunday drive with my family, I approached a van from behind that was hauling a boat on a trailer.

I noticed the trailer was quite rusty and the wheels were wobbling, causing the trailer to sway from side to side!

The boat seemed to pick up velocity with each sway!

Anticipating trouble, I pulled back considerably.

As we approach a stop sign, the driver of the van applied his brakes; however, neither the van's lights nor the trailer's lights worked!

Had I not put considerable distance between us, we would have crashed!

Those of you who pull boat trailers, listen up!

During the summer season, boat trailers are submerged in water frequently.

What do you think happens to the wheel bearing lubricant?

How about the wiring and lighting?

Not to mention the effects of rust on the frame and suspension!

At the end of the season, what do many people do?

They put the trailer away until next season.

No maintenance, no upkeep, and no repairs!

The following season, they haul it out, plop a boat on it, and pull it behind a van in front of a family taking a Sunday drive.

That's irresponsible!

Boaters, take care of your boat trailers PLEASE!

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