Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Our affiliation with's industry-leading speeds, unsurpassed reliability, and 24-hour member support ensures you the best Internet experience possible. As a national ISP (Internet Service Provider) has local dial-in phone numbers is almost every community of the USA. As one of our Clients, we can provide Internet access to you that gives you a fast, easy connection to the Internet. And we can provide this access at a low monthly fee.

But it isn't just Internet access. It's a lot more. There are a lot of ISPs out there that give you a connection to the Internet and then forget about you. And they often give you just the bare minimum.

Look at the value you get with an Appalachian Spring Village and account:

  • Unlimited monthly Internet access.
    Use it as much as you like. You will have full access to all the benefits that the Net has to offer.
    You will enjoy the World Wide Web (WWW) and other features such as newsgroups, chat rooms and much more. Enjoy having at your fingertips such things as:
  • News;
  • Sports;
  • Weather;
  • Entertainment;
  • Recreation;
  • Shopping Coupons;
  • Discounts;
  • Online Catalogs;
  • Homework Helpers; and,
  • much more.

  • And don't forget that unlimited e-mail is included with your account.
    Communicate globally with an ever-increasing number of people and businesses.
    If you have never used e-mail you will be amazed at how easy and convenient it is.
  • 24/7, toll-free customer support!
    That's right! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
    You will have access to's trained customer service personnel who will answer any questions you may have regarding your Internet connection.
    All of us, both Appalachian Spring Village and will help you set up your account in the beginning and make sure you don't have problems along the way.
  • You get TWO e-mail addresses.
    Use one for business and one for your personal correspondence.
    One for you, one for your spouse or family.
    There are all kinds of possibilities.
    And, if you need more e-mail addresses just get in touch with us and we'll arrange it.
    And remember, you can e-mail anyone at anytime and there is not an extra charge. Unlimited e-mail is included in your account with Appalachian Spring Village and
    Another great benefit is that use can use your e-mail accounts in any e-mail reader (a software program that reads and sends e-mail for you) or you can use our web-based e-mail program.
    In the web-based format you can receive and send e-mail from any computer in the world. It is easy and convenient. Let us help you use it. Once you have used it you'll be surprised at how simple and fast it is.
    Just another benefit of Appalachian Spring Village and

  • Want to find out more?

    Just drop us an e-mail with any questions and we'll be happy to send you an answer. If we don't know the answer, we'll send you a reply and tell you when we expect to have the answer, then send it along as soon as we find it ourselves (Hey, we don't know everything).

    Want to know who in the world (literally) you're dealing with?
    See Who Are We? for more information about us.

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