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Appalachian Spring Village

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Helping Your Child Succeed In School

Poor Richard's Quote of the Day

"In the affairs of this world,
men are saved not by faith,
but by the want of it."

                      B. Franklin

Early Fall in the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains

Early Fall in the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains

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From the Appalachian Spring Village Town Hall:

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  • Village Affairs

  • Welcome
  • The View from Our "Office"
  • Bulletin Board
  • Who Are We?
  • Shopping

  • General Shopping

  • Your Grandmother's Attic - Rare and Unusual, Hard to Find, Unique Gifts - Handmade Quilts, Bears, Silk Florals, Original Art, Books about Mountain Life, Australian Hats and Accessories, Home Based Business Opportunities, Travel and Vacation Deals, etc.
  • Three Little Pigs Pork Farm
    Homemade BBQ Sauce & Fixin's
  • Consignment Sales

  • Shop at Amazon.com!
  • Appalachian Spring Cooperative

  • Appalachian Spring Cooperative - Fresh Gourmet Food and Products From Appalachian Family Farms.
    Fresh Gourmet Food and Products
    From Appalachian Family Farms.

  • Mountain and River Land - Real Estate

  • Hurley-Mullins Real Estate of Sneedville, TN
    Mountain and River Land
  • Town Square

  • Tips and Advice - Updated Daily....Almost

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    Come join the home folks, just a-sittin' around and talkin' about:

    For the Indoors:
  • Recipes
  • Traditional (Harvest Time Vegetable Stew),
  • Vegetarian (APPLE-FIG TART),
  • Low-Fat (YOGURT CHEESE),
  • Boggie's Cooking Advice (CHOOSING THE RIGHT CARDAMOM)
  • Linda's Domestic Goddess Ideas (Declutter Decloset)
  • Health & Fitness (Family Obstacles)
  • Parenting in the Trenches (Helping Your Child Succeed In School (Part 2 of 5))
  • Natural Health and Wellness (Cholesterol)
  • Sewing (Shallow Pleats)
  • For the Outdoors:

  • Pets (First Aid for Poison & Be Careful When Finding Your Pet a New Home)
  • Gardening with Brother (CHEAP LINING)
  • Cars, Trucks and Everything Automotive (Automotive Repair Pricing: Part 2 of 3)
  • Home Repair (What's In There?)
  • For Your Business and Computers:

  • Your Personal Economy and Finance (If You're the One. . .)
  • Windows XP (How can I remove the link between Microsoft Outlook 2002 and MSN Messenger?)
  • Prowling Around the Internet (The Ultimate Computer Chair)
  • Small Office-Home Office (Clutter Everywhere!)
  • Career Skills (Coping With Your Job Loss)
  • And for Amusement and Entertainment:

  • Genealogy (Russian Genealogical Resources)
  • Trivia (Just what is the Golden Gate that the San Francisco bridge is named for?)
  • The Origins of Words (INSUFFLATE)
  • Let the Men and Women of Wisdom Speak
  • Jokes, Puzzles and Humorous Anecdotes; and,
  • a Comment from Ol' Ben Himself.
  • Neighborly Services

  • Pet and Veterinary Information
  • Consignment Sales
  • Ruth's Book Emporeum, Library and Peruseum
  • On Love and Living
  • Help Parents Find Their Missing Children

  • Town Square (Tips and Advice - Updated Daily....Almost)
  • About Our Mountain Life...

  • Appalachian Culture
  • Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation
  • HillsWeb - a cultural database
  • The Moonlit Road - Stories you can listen to
  • Museum of Appalachia
  • " Mountain Jubilee" - LIVE from WUOT, Knoxville, TN
  • Dollywood Theme Park - devoted to Life in the Appalachians
  • Fall in the Appalachians Picture Tour
  • For Your Enjoyment

  • Appalachian Music
  • Dollywood Theme Park - devoted to the Music of the Appalachians
  • A Good Read...

  • Ruth's Book Emporeum, Library and Peruseum
  • Town Square (Tips and Advice - Updated Daily....Almost)

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    For your listening pleasure while strolling through our Village, we invite you to listen to Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring,
    Sounds straight from our mountains:
    Appalachian Music

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